Ep.87 – Return to the Friendzone: Civil PodWar!



Sean Ryan returns to have a new discussion about the “Friendzone” which I have recently come to believe doesn’t actually exist. He and I went in thinking we were going to have a podwar about it, but end up concurring in the end.

We spoil the hell out of the season finale of The Walking Dead, squee over the Rogue One trailer, and Sean’s on every podcast and has got a crib up in ‘da crib!

We play a fun game of One, True, Three that, for reasons, may be my favorite so far. Tables get flipped over cancelled circuses and ad-blocker blockers!


3 thoughts on “Ep.87 – Return to the Friendzone: Civil PodWar!

  1. I’m amazed at how quickly the “Friend Zone” turned from “The feeling you get when your romantic interest is not reciprocated” to “The place you’ve been put when you are denied the sex you are entitled to” in the lexicon.

  2. Great episode. I think the FZ can be described as “I want you, you dont want me. And I cant get over it.” The FZ is a way of shifting blame from a person’s failure to get over their feelings to the person who is disinterested. At least that was my case. I refused to get over my feelings for this girl and blamed her for that. Then I grew up.

  3. I’ve decided I’m on the fence with this “friendzone” area. Kelley made some great points on how MOST girls don’t drag you along and allow the friendzone to happen, the majority of us have better things to do than sit there and turn guys into puppies, but for the few that feel they’re above the decency of human nature, I say “eff yo chopsticks and your twatness!”
    I don’t feel women create a friendzone and place men there for our own bidding, but I can definitely see Sean’s points regarding the how’s and whys of its existence. Without a personal experience to add to the show, I’m not sure if I think it is real or a hallucinated arrangement people have invented to make themselves feel better.
    Tough stuff guys, I will be asking around and gathering evidence from all parties on the topic. I feel there is much to discuss on this “friendzone” conundrum.

    Great show guys!!!

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