Ep.72 – Sex Education: Knowing is Half the Battle!



Join Andrew and I (and his new whiney-voiced character which is basically what it sounds like in my head 24/7) as we tackle another relationship-ish topic: Sex Ed.

Andrew’s Uncle Duties will soon double, and now that Target has blended the genders in their toy departments, he’s basically screwed. His recent job interview has him in a suit and puts him in view of an elderly woman – and she likes what she sees.

I talk at length about the Ashley Maddison hack that has me rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off at hypocrites like Josh Duggar and Sam Rader, and what a Bro-deo that website must have been.

I also have an adorable boyfriend now. He’s the best. It’s no big deal. *squeeeee*

Sex Education in the US is all over the damn place. Andrew and I are from the same decade and the same area, and had vastly different public school sex education experiences. We discuss what subjects worked and didn’t work for us as we share how we learned about the birds and the bees.

Tables get flipped when Andrew wishes folks would just mind their own damn business, and I just want you to stop yelling at me so I can figure out how to help you.



knowing is half the battle

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