Ep.70 – Playing Games Wastes Everyone’s Time: Stop Being So Damned Aloof.



We made it to Episode 70! It’s our 3rd anniversary, and 70 episodes later we’re still going strong.

We ramble on about Batman: Arkham Knight, my haunted second bedroom, and my dead grandma’s new Twitter account. Paris and The Business, LLC talk about their wedding and show unmarried listeners what they have to look forward to when they finally find their true loves.

The Business, LLC thinks kids who’ve lost their hair due to chemotherapy are just Airbenders. and he has concerns about the recently bankrupt 50 Cent. Paris has got all the latest Reddit news and shares her concerns, and we come up with a new teen magazine for Star Wars nerds: PalpaTEEN!

For the main topic, we focus specifically on what’s been happening in my dating life over the past month and why guys who I’m chatting with seem so aloof and uninterested after the initial online connection. The Business shares some interesting insights as to what might actually be happening, Paris is concerned with why it’s always up to the girl to steer the conversation, and I give some advice to guys in the dating world who are striking out and don’t know why — is it because you’re doing the things we’re talking about?

Tables are flipped over smug guys I went out with once or twice two years ago who think I owe them sexting, and Paris is furious about internet trolls who just don’t get it.

Were taking a small summer break and will return with Episode 71 in three weeks. In the meantime, check out what’s shaking over at Alpha Counter, any of the #PodPals podcasts, and please listen to the first episode of Room 173 with M3JCNV – My Fair Andrew’s new solo show!

Ask Jono knows what we're talking about.

Ask Jono knows what we’re talking about.

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6 thoughts on “Ep.70 – Playing Games Wastes Everyone’s Time: Stop Being So Damned Aloof.

  1. I listen to show first time very good. Why Kevin no talk brother Kevin from Japan. Sadness now. I disown brother Kevin. Heart broken face with bacon slice magic. Curse! Very good show. I listen more.

  2. Batman: Arkham Origins was a full release, not a DLC bundle! It was just super weak–oh shit I’m driving off the roa–*

  3. I keep getting reminded by these stories of guys doing all the talking of that episode of Garfunkel & Oates where they both see how long they can go without talking to their dates.

    One thing that was effective for me when trying to engage in conversation is to turn it into a game that you play together. One, True, Three has been VERY successful in making smalltalk fun.

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