Ep.91 – Boys and Breakups: Do Men Suffer Longer with a Broken Heart?



Sean Ryan and I reluctantly return from an all-too-short break to talk about some interesting findings about how men and women suffer differently from breakups.

We discuss my recent success as a damn bass pro, Sean’s first Father’s Day, “Injustice” in video games, and I get another insulting message from someone on OKC – must be a day that ends in “Y.”

We play another round of One, True, Three, where I won’t tell you who wins…only that she’s also incredibly good-looking, and tables get flipped over parking lot etiquette and gold diggers plaguing our streets.



Why Men Might Be The Sex That Suffers More
Men Suffer Breakups More Says Science!
American Psychological Association

Ep.90 – You Pick Two: Movies that Hit or Missed the Mark



Paris and The Business, LLC are back to help me pick out romantic comedies that are both great or terrible examples of how relationships actually work.

They’ve been running in every 5K race in the area, Paris is meeting science celebs and The Business is obsessed with the best Twitter account ever created: Dungeons & Donalds! I’ve been working like crazy for the past two weeks, which is why this show is late AF!

Paris brings us a new game called Fortunately, Unfortunately, and tables get flipped over daily Staples emails, reactions to spoilers, and stupid stolen credit card questions.