Ep.81 — Two Geeks; One Goal: You like the same person – now what?

To be fair, Katniss is so badass that it might take dating both of these guys...

To be fair, Katniss is so badass that it might take dating both of these guys…


Sean Ryan joins me (in an episode with functioning mics) in figuring out what to do when you and your best friend end up liking the same person. Are there certain rules of etiquette one must follow? Does the Bro-code apply? What about all of your feels?


We also catch up on The Haps including video game news, Sean’s guest appearance on Whiskey Thursday, my submission to the Anywhere But Here Podcast, how everybody sadly has cancer, and potential bookings for speaking at colleges. 2016 is starting out with a bang!

Speaking of bangs, Sean and I play Bang to the Future, where we discuss famous people who are too old for us now (or too dead), but we would use all our time-machine passes going back in time with whom to hook up.

We flip tables over Star Wars merchandising, and the fedora-wearing trolls who come out to defend/support the lack of Rey, and other Star Wars-related flips.



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