Ep.78 – Text Etiquette: Bonus! Geekdom’s Cutest Boys!

The Dreamiest Podcast on the Internet!

The Dreamiest Podcast on the Internet!


It’s a holiday week, but Em and I didn’t let that stop us from putting out this little gem about texting tips and the cutest boys in geekdom right now.

We also talk about RenFaires, Black Friday sales, family woes and sweepstakes winnings.

Tables get flipped directly at friends and co-hosts we know and love, and co-workers who don’t know how the phones work.

Hope you all had a better Thanksgiving holiday than I did, and hope you enjoy this short and sweet episode!



Ep.77 – Fun Date Ideas to Rival “Netflix and Chill:” Marry/Shag/Kill Edition



Andrew travels to the Mating Habits Studios to record a refreshingly light and fun episode…and almost dies in the process!

Once the adrenaline wears off, we talk about new jobs, good books, good shows on Netflix, and the 10% drop in Traffic that PornHub experienced when Fallout 4 went live.

Whose idea was this anyway?

Whose idea was this anyway?

The results of The Great Pizza Debate are revealed, with a surprise message from our friends Ant and Tom from the Anywhere but Here Podcast.

We give you some fun date ideas for those of you who are sick of dinner and a movie, and play our first-ever installment of Marry/Shag/Kill where I try to make Andrew “Kill his Darlings,” and he tries to skeeve me out.


Tables are flipped, as per usual, over cynicism and Apple iMusic functionality, and the racket that is Hulu Plus.

Our thoughts go out to those affected by the attacks in Paris, and we hope you enjoy this fluffy departure, if only for a couple of hours of nonsense.


Lifehack.org 31 Cheap Date Ideas
Redbook 100 Great Date Ideas
Thought Catalog 20 Date Ideas that Aren’t Netflix
First Date Ideas
Cheap Date Ideas

Ep.76 – Paying for Sex: The Ins and Outs of the Adult Entertainment Industry


Tobit Software Robot Strippers


Prepare for our triumphant return with an exciting, interview-packed, super-sized episode of Mating Habits!

Sean Ryan and I discuss the ins and outs (pun intended) of the adult entertainment industry and how it relates to those of us in the geek community. Some of the things we discuss may be illegal or otherwise not allowed where you live, so take everything we say with a grain of salt – we are not suggesting anyone listening to this show engaging in any illegal acts, nor are we suggesting actually following any of the suggestions we do give. We’re not actual life coaches 🙂

I score the interview of the century with everyone’s favorite purveyor of all things Japanese, Peter Payne of JList! Peter teaches me about the Japanese attitude of “Shō ga nai,” where they’ve given up on trying to change what people want to do in the privacy of their own homes, and simply say, “It cannot be helped.” It’s a wonderful philosophy.

While you’re listening to the interview, please check out JList and all the things (not just the adult stuff) that you can find to satisfy your Japanese cravings:
And check out Peter Payne’s blog about Japanese culture and more at:
JList Blog

Sean and I also gab about our latest video game obsessions with Transformers: Devastation and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, how much fun the Supergirl pilot was, and we relive the epic night that was Sean and Vane’s Spooky Birthday Party.

Tables get flipped over Campbell’s Soup potentially ruining Star Wars, and how the only thing you should ever flip are pancakes, scripts, and tables – never teenagers in their desks at school.


Gorgeous photo shoot of Model: Cyndi Dawn
Photographer: Somer Ahonen of Lockbox Studios

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