UPDATE: The Podcast will Return November 2nd!

Greetings fellow Geeks, Nerds, Outsiders, Misanthropes, and sundry Cool-types!

Drake says, #KeepToppingsTraditional

Drake says, #KeepToppingsTraditional

If you were expecting Episode 76 of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek to be released today, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for your friend and host – there’s been a staggering increase in real-life work (yay! Money!), a busy social schedule, and a recent health issue with an immediate family member have prevented me from bringing you the quality content that you enjoy.

The good news is we’ve got all sorts of interesting things planned for the episodes ahead, including interviews, listener-participation shows, and maybe some Periscope broadcasts that we’ll somehow saved to YouTube.

In the meantime, check out the back catalogue of Mating Habits episodes that you may have missed. Take a gander at some of the latest episodes from the other Pod Pals: Room 173 with M3CJNV, Anywhere but Here, Nerd Church, History of Misunderstanding, Weekly Geek Speak, and Attaboy Clarence.

Also, check out the fuss behind all these pizza memes and vote for me and help me #KeepToppingsTraditional using this Survey Link.

See you all next week and as always, thanks for listening!






Ep.75 – The Art of Small Talk: Society’s Neccessary Evil



We’re waterlogged down here in North Carolina, but Paris, The Business, LLC, and I paddled our way through the floods to record another episode of Mating Habits.

I had a date night and saw The Martian, Paris and The Business talk about The Awesomes on Hulu, And we’re excited about the return of The Muppets. Also, we finally get to squee about The Taken King, since the Destiny Step it Up To the Streets clan is in the house!

This episode’s topic is Small Talk: Why it’s important, how it can help you make better social connections, and ways to keep conversations going when you meet someone new.

We flip some serious tables over space invaders, un-American weather models, and gun-control.

Small Talk Topic Ideas
More Small Talk Topic Ideas