Ep.74 – Strange Dates: A Mixed Bag of What the Actual Fuck?



Sean Ryan saves my bacon and joins me to share weird and awkward dating stories – Sean’s story list consists of famous cousins, dangerous almost-cholas, and disappearing Nigerians. My stories include an in-date level-up and being held hostage at a farmer’s market – and strange dating customs from around the world.

The universe hates Sean’s new car – a lot, and he has Last of Us frustrations…still. We can’t get drunk, even at my birthday party; and Wil Wheaton ruins EVERYTHING! Destiny: The Taken King has come out, so basically, my life is suddenly too busy to get a podcast out on time.

Tables get flipped over literal “Party Poopers,” and how no one on Last of Us has any muscle memory after years of surviving in the clicker-filled post apocalypse.

Could you take fewer than 5 minutes to load that bullet?!  Could you?!!

Could you take fewer than 5 minutes to load that bullet?! Could you?!!

Or two...or a damn half-dozen!

Or two…or a damn half-dozen!

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Ep.73 – The Third-Wheel Syndrome: Are You Making it a Crowd?



Em stops by to help me celebrate my birthday by comparing the pros and cons about what it’s like to be a third wheel with all of our couple-friends.

We lament over the loss of Hannibal, I misidentify a Singaporean as Chinese for the entire show, Em is excited over her upcoming trip to Scotland, and I watched Europa Report on Netflix with my boyfriend…I think I’m doing this whole “Netflix and Chill” thing all wrong.

Tables get flipped over Trumpsters, that bitch who won’t do her job, and the jerk who keeps stealing Em’s Lean Cuisines. We’re coming for you, frozen-dinner thief!

Because you don't have time to make a tutu Yoshi.

Because you don’t have time to make a tutu Yoshi.



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