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While the podcast is on a short summer break, I’d like to hear any suggestions you guys might have for future dating/relationship show topics. There may end up being some small adjustments to the show layout in the episodes to come, and I’d love to give you, our valued listener, exactly what you want. Any dating questions we can answer for you on the show? Any relationship topics/situations you’d like to have our opinion on? Let us know in the comments or email us at Thanks!

Ep.70 – Playing Games Wastes Everyone’s Time: Stop Being So Damned Aloof.


We made it to Episode 70! It’s our 3rd anniversary, and 70 episodes later we’re still going strong.

We ramble on about Batman: Arkham Knight, my haunted second bedroom, and my dead grandma’s new Twitter account. Paris and The Business, LLC talk about their wedding and show unmarried listeners what they have to look forward to when they finally find their true loves.

The Business, LLC thinks kids who’ve lost their hair due to chemotherapy are just Airbenders. and he has concerns about the recently bankrupt 50 Cent. Paris has got all the latest Reddit news and shares her concerns, and we come up with a new teen magazine for Star Wars nerds: PalpaTEEN!

For the main topic, we focus specifically on what’s been happening in my dating life over the past month and why guys who I’m chatting with seem so aloof and uninterested after the initial online connection. The Business shares some interesting insights as to what might actually be happening, Paris is concerned with why it’s always up to the girl to steer the conversation, and I give some advice to guys in the dating world who are striking out and don’t know why — is it because you’re doing the things we’re talking about?

Tables are flipped over smug guys I went out with once or twice two years ago who think I owe them sexting, and Paris is furious about internet trolls who just don’t get it.

Were taking a small summer break and will return with Episode 71 in three weeks. In the meantime, check out what’s shaking over at Alpha Counter, any of the #PodPals podcasts, and please listen to the first episode of Room 173 with M3JCNV – My Fair Andrew’s new solo show!

Ask Jono knows what we're talking about.

Ask Jono knows what we’re talking about.

Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf
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Mating Habits is Having a Birthday!

The show turns 3 years old today! Three years ago, I rented a room at a Durham, NC LaQuinta hotel and recorded the first four episodes of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek Podcast. Nowadays, the show has a mobile studio (when we’re not recording over Skype) and with 70 episodes soon to be under our belt we’re still going strong.

Over the years, this show has given me the opportunity to meet and work with so many great people, from listeners who interact through social media, to fellow podcasters who have welcomed me into their support network, to shows that have come after us that we strive to support and participate with. It’s been a great ride, and I can’t wait to see where we’re headed next.

Episode 70 drops Monday, so come help us wish Mating Habits a very Happy Birthday – and thank you.


Ep.69 – The Virginity Episode: Insert Things Here.


Welcome back Andrew of Room 173 with M3JCNV (coming soon to a podcatcher near you!) while we cover new territory and discuss all things VIRGINITY!

We talk all about the pros and cons of Jurassic World – mostly how we’re all monsters for caring more about baby triceratops than any of the people in that park. We also put our Netflix subscriptions to good use by watching Sense8 (#marthabewbs), Orange is the New Black, and Andrew starts watching Agents of SHIELD because it’s 2013! 😉

Homosexual couples in ALL 50 STATES can now get married – finally! I share a recent dating disaster from, and we hear emails from listeners about their experiences with their own virginity. Thank you so much for sharing those with us.

Tables get flipped over The Mary Sue’s boycotting of John Barrowman and literary types losing their shit over YOLO Juliette and other OMG Shakespeare titles.



Nicki Minaj Suggests Women Demand Orgasms