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We’re looking for submissions, interviews, unusual stories about your first time, or why it hasn’t happened for you yet. Send them in via moderngeekcast@gmail.com, @MatingHabits DM, or get in touch with me to schedule a skype interview before July 1 – as always, great pains will be taken to protect your identity and this is a JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE, even though I have many opinions on the matter, your concept of virginity and its importance (or lack thereof) will always be respected.

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Ep.68 – Assorted Meats and Cheeses: Post-wedding Drunken Convos



Sean Ryan of Alpha Counter joins me to continue what might have been one of the best conversations we ever had after two drinks…then we had a third drink and totally forgot what we were talking about. This episode is the result of that decision.

I watched the EA portion of E3 and share my disappointments and excitements. I’m in an abusive relationship with Ubisoft and I’m going back to them for Assassin’s Creed: Victory. You just don’t understand Ubisoft like I do – and in their defense, they only beat me when I deserve it. There’s more Mass Effect Pretty and The Last Guardian has a release date – and you know that’s not going to have a happy ending.


WE SPOIL THE SHIT OUT OF GAME OF THRONES, so there’s your warning. If you haven’t seen the finale, I suggest you stop listening at the warning and come back in at the 40-minute mark. I will tell you that you should probably begin your HYPE preparations for CLEGANEBOWL!

Piecing together the memories of that night, Sean and I discuss the Uncanny Valley we experience when we look at photos of ourselves, and the body image issues we all face. We compare toxic relationships from our past and try to figure out why we stayed so long. It was an interesting night, and would have made for an interesting show if we could have remembered it.

We flip tables over the spoiler police and frustration over movie poster billing. Also, we’ve now got an Amazon Banner for you to click through.



Here’s a great example of Meats and Cheeses:


This is nightmare fuel:


Ep.67 – Dating Stories from the Past: Great Scott! Let’s Take This Baby to 88.



An entire bottle of Exotic Fruits Arbor Mist is poured into the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor on the back of the Delorean.

Two of my oldest and dearest friends, Roger and David Finehammer, actually travel back in time and discuss vintage haps: David finally reads The Odd Thomas series and mourns the loss of Tron 3, Roger reviews Edge of Tomorrow, and talk about my very first Dungeons and Dragons game, Dungeon Mastered by David himself.

Dating has changed a lot in the past 20 years with the destigmatization of online dating; apps like Tinder, Grindr, OKC; and the loss of actual phone conversations. We discuss the early stages of the internet and how folks connected and dated via snail-mailed photos back in the early days.

David shares stories of shame during road trips to the midwest to meet women who sent you photos of themselves in cheap lingerie swinging from a tree, and we are grateful to him for it.

Conference tables are flipped over the jerk who scared people at the Georgia Airport, Roger wants to know where his DC/Marvel fighting game is, and David can’t understand why the mainstream media is so obsessed with Caitlyn Jenner.

"Arbor Mist is shameful and delicious!"

“Arbor Mist is shameful and delicious!”


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