Ep.66 – The Kink Episode: The Listeners Have Been Very Naughty…


Ep.66 – The Kink Episode: The Listeners Have Been Very Naughty…

We begged for it, and you gave it to us!

Paris and the Business join me this week for a super-sized show about various kinks and fetishes to satisfy our curiosities.

We discover The Business is a damned Hawk, talk about getting “Wifed,” while playing video games, and Paris gets her first taste of a childhood movie being rebooted.

We’re 100 percent wrong about the ending of Mad Men but whatever, we were right about everything else.

We just saw Mad Max and WE LOVED IT! Spoilers abound as we tell you all the ways this is the best movie of the summer.

Thanks to the generosity of our brave listeners, we have a couple of interviews and some great emails (Narrated by Sean Ryan of Alpha Counter) and we discuss paraphilias and fetishes in general, sharing some of our own kinks as well.

It’s the final installment of My Fair Andrew 🙁 They grow up so fast. Even though it’s sad to see him go, we were happy to take the journey with him. Find out how his experienced helped him, and what he has planned for the near future.

Tables get flipped, y’all. I’m tired of people policing what other people wear, The Business is over potlucks and 100% done with home brews, and Paris thinks Facebook is the last place you want to ask for advice when buying tech.

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Call for submissives…er, submissions!


It’s time for the audience participation cycle-ending episode all about sexual kinks! We’re taking submissions for the next episode of Mating Habits between now and May 15th.
So, send us your most private stories about your own personal kinks, your experience with the kinks of others, or any questions you want us to answer on the air about the diverse world of paraphilias, and the variety of interesting humans we share the planet with.

The email is moderngeekcast@gmail.com

As always, your email and direct message submissions will be handled with respect and you will retain COMPLETE ANONYMITY! neither the co-hosts nor the audience will ever learn who you are, and this will be a JUDGEMENT-FREE episode. It take all types to fill the freeway, and I’m the last person to judge whatever floats your boat.

Let’s make this another in a long line of audience participation episodes!

Ep.65 – Tips for Getting that Second Date: But Just the Tip!

Easy Does it - don't mess this up!

Easy Does it – don’t mess this up!


Em is back to help me record the shortest Mating Habits episode in recent history, but we talk about securing that second date, the first-ever Trigger Warning: Geek! Meetup at Avengers: Age of Ultron, and magnetic vaginas.

There are things that exist in this world like Free Comic Book Day and Quidditch Beer Pong, and that’s a good thing.

Archer knows best.

Archer knows best.

Em is part of the problem when she doesn’t respond to cute boys who message her, but I blame Facebook – as always.

My Fair Andrew is hanging in there and receives his final assignment for the segment. Will our intrepid hero be equal to the task?


We flip tables over disgusting people who lick their fingers to turn pages and disgusting cops who murder black men. One table may weigh more than the other, but they both get thoroughly flipped.

Stay tuned to the end for some hot lesbian co-host action!

Quit Yo' Snitchin'!

Quit Yo’ Snitchin’!

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