Ep. 64 – Director’s Cut: Your Romantic Movies Have Lied to You!



I visit Andrew a week after he was driven from his home by alarms, sadly none of which sound like Bruce from Family Guy. He also had a run in with a bowl of vegetable soup – it’s been quite a couple of weeks, folks.

The podcast is sponsoring a new Meetup.com group called Trigger Warning: Geeks! If you’re local to NC and interested, come join all your favorite hosts (plus others) when we go to movies and stuff.

My Fair Andrew is in 3D (for me, anyway, because I was in the room this time) and we’re nearing the end of the project – this week’s assignment is a tough one for him, but I have faith in our hero.

We talk about movie/TV tropes and relationship examples that aren’t healthy or realistic, and why someone who doesn’t have any relationship experience might want to avoid some of the worst.

Scott Pilgrim is boring and lacks morals, Twilight and 50 Shades are fanfics that somehow snuck under the radar, and Leonard and Penny from Big Bang Theory make no sense, whatsoever.

Correction=Rating: Terrible Person

Correction=Rating: Terrible Person

Smallville had ridiculous relationships that all seem to revolve around Lana Lane, and Ross and Rachel are the least interesting couple on Friends. Fortunately, we do have some media to watch and aspire to; i.e. Ron and Hermione; Katara and Aang; Homer and Marge; etc.


We flip the table I had to bring with me over bad party guests and Andrew reminds us that retail is not a four-letter word, even though retail customers can often be little shits.


Ep.63 – Catfished: Reeled in Hook, Line, and Sinker



Sean Ryan of Alpha Counter joins me in my sick, weakened state for another jam-packed episode of Mating Habits.

This episode, we discuss the act of “Catfishing,” an internet phenomenon that happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and we’re lucky enough to have listener-submitted emails sharing their catfish sagas, and we even snag an interview with our own Paris who comes clean in Paris’s Catfish Confessions – she’s been a bad girl…

We also discuss our recent ventures into film making with Bottom Shelf Films, delve into the Walking Dead Finale for some quick speculations, and I caught a Zeff Cold from my friends at the Die Antwoord concert.

Things are looking up for our hero in this edition of My Fair Andrew – but let’s not jinx it 😉

We flip tables over “Innocents” in the comment sections, and folks who don’t like to have fun, especially on April Fool’s Day.

Trigger Warning: Jokes.

The first photo is the one by which I was catfished. The second is who the guy in the first photo really is. *sigh*

Bottom Shelf Films
Die Antwoord