Have a Cheating Story You’d Like to Share on the Show?

We’re looking for people to interview for the next episode of Mating Habits! Want to talk to us about someone who has cheated on you? Have you ever cheated on a significant other, but want to tell your side of the story? Do you have a headset mic and access to Skype?

Let us know! We’ll keep everything 100% confidential by changing your name, etc – like we did for our “Alternative Relationships” episode. Just send us a FB message, Direct Message to @MatingHabits, leave a comment below, or email us at moderngeekcast@gmail.com

The episode will be about all aspects of infidelity in relationships, and will be a judgment-free zone – we promise 🙂


Ep.60 – Why are Girls So Weird? I Can’t Even Right Now


Story of my LIFE!


Em is punching sharks, caring for moms, and riding motorcycles that are on fire!
Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer is Kelley’s new church, even though she can’t get into Arrow, or Flash, or Agent Carter. Em thinks it’s due to the lack of blood and cannibals.

Em wrote a fanfic about all your favorite Alpha Counter Podcast co-hosts (which include most of your favorite Mating Habits c-hosts. All of these accomplishments before she turns 30…this week! Happy Birthday, Em!

We interview Flash Browning from the blog OkCupid Project Awful where a young professional woman in a big city changes her OKC profile to attract a certain type of guy, and then chronicles each date for our scientific enjoyment!

We get into a big discussion about why ladies act the way they do, and how a lot of times it doesn’t make sense to us either, but Em and I have some theories as to what might actually be going on.

We check in with My Fair Andrew to see how his third assignment went, what he’s up to, and what he has to do before the next episode.

Tables get flipped over excruciatingly long waits for tables at restaurants, and the fact that soon there will be no more Jon Stewart in our Daily Show. 


Em’s AlphaCounter Fanfic!

Flash Browning OkC Project Awful


Ep.59 – Social Awkwardness: What to do When it Doesn’t Go Well



Michael returns to help us navigate the choppy water known as Social Awkwardness. We offer tips from personal experience on how to get through the toughest of social situations, and ways to psyche yourself out when that inner voice is telling you everything is going to go wrong. I mean, one time I unintentionally make fun of a one-eyed barista – you can dig yourself out of any hole 😉

Why aren’t the PodPals a group of superhero, crime-fighting, cape-wearing corgis? Because we should be. Michael finishes Skyrim (current news!) and bitches about the Hobbit movies, and I make a case for Netflix’s The Fall.

Someone makes a bad first impression with me, which is hardly news-worthy, but certainly apropos. And we get another installment of My Fair Andrew, complete with new theme song!

Tables are flipped because everyone’s panties are in a bunch about an all-female Ghostbusters reboot, and apparently snow is a thing that sometimes happens in NYC.


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