Mating Habits of the Modern Geek 2014 Holiday Spectacular!


We gather together at this special time of year to celebrate friendship and fandom. I set up in the kitchen studio of The Business, LLC and Paris, and Sean and Vane Ryan of AlphaCounter come by to make merry.

I did a twitch thing – twice! And I am wracked with guilt about killing sleepy dragons.

Steven Segal saves Christmas. Jem and the Holograms are back, and they’re not grunge. Thundercats are still RAD, and The Secret is bullshit.

We premier our newest business venture were we dress as post-apocalyptic bards and we sing about ’80s and ’90s action movies as if they were real historical epics at RenFaires and Cons.

There’s a lot of singing in this episode, and none of us were drinking. We have a Total Eclipse of the Heart, thanks Bonnie Tyler!

I announce a new episode segment for 2015 that involves Andrew from Two Loose Screws where we follow his step by step progress in gaining confidence and getting out there to meet new people. I want to apologize in advance to him if I decide to call the segment, “My Fair Andrew.”

Black Mirror is the best/most messed up thing on Netflix right now. My Next Tweet scares us (or maybe it’s just our predictability that frightens us…)
Sad Country Christmas Songs can just bugger off, we’ve decided. Nothing ruins the Holiday Season more than songs about poor, frozen and/or beaten-to-death children.

Jon Hamm in Black Mirror on Netflix?  It truly is a Merry Christmas...

Jon Hamm in Black Mirror on Netflix? It truly is a Merry Christmas…

From all of us over at Mating Habits of the Modern Geek: Have a Safe and Festive Holiday!

Mating Habits of the Modern Geek: Love and Dating within Your own Species – your comedy source for relationship advice for geeks and nerds!

Mating Habits Classic: Episode 3 – Relationship Konami Code


In this classic Mating Habits Episode, Paris and The Business, LLC join me to tackle those tough relationship milestones; living together, combining religious beliefs, introducing fandom, geekery, and kinks, etc. I’ve added some fun new promos, but otherwise the bad sound quality is due to the age of the original recording – look at it like you’re listening to a vintage cassette tape.


Here’s the link to the original show notes:

Ep.35 – Relationship Konami Code: Tackle Those Hard Levels with Ease!

Ep.56 – Mating Habits of the Loose Screws: Not Your Mama’s Mash-up


Mating Habits takes in on the road to the Two Loose Screws studio and tries to acclimate to the comic stylings of Jason Roberson and Andrew Bartlett.

In this deluxe-length show, we talk about disappointing zombie movies, we finally get “Suspender’s Chair” on the show. We talk about casting pods, and why I sound like Bruce from Family Guy sometimes.

We get down and dirty with stories from my past in the adult entertainment industry, offensive shirts from band trips, and I question the guys about their dreams and aspirations for life, and for the show.

In true Mating Habits fashion, we swap awkward dating stories and Jason flips a table I thought I already righted from podcasts past. I laugh at folks who don’t understand the difference between censorship and the free market system, and Andrew doesn’t understand what part of customer manners you don’t understand.

**Listen at around the 1:59 -2:01 time stamp for a special Holiday Announcement from me regarding the Mating Habits of the Modern Geek episode release schedule for the month of December. Enjoy!