Ep.55 – Social Justice and Dating: Navigating the Minefield



We try Galahad, have thoughts, and live to tell them.


Sean buys a new Skeletor-indorsed car for his family, which transforms the show into Car Talk for a few minutes.

Kevin and I (and Paris) have fun NCComicon-style, there’s a small Interstellar review, and I finally buy a PS4 so I can play Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Lately, everyone’s upset about one thing or another, and we’ve collected our thoughts about one slice of the “Offensive Pie” – How to not piss off folks who don’t fit in the gender binary. There are several ways your conversation can go wrong when speaking with someone who is transgendered, non-heterosexual, et cetera. The good news is that your intent can be a life saver.

We also discuss things from the other side of this “divide” as folks who fit the binary, but who also want to educate themselves, make everyone feel welcome, but also don’t want to be yelled at for trying 🙂

Tables are flipped over “Surprise Christmas,” corporate speak, and mismanaged convention spaces.

Oh, and we invent a mascot for the argumentative geek – “Will Actually.”

Glossary of Terms
Too Many Cooks!
Straight Guys at the Gay Bar
What to Say Comic

Ep.54 – Success Stories: You Got High Score, Now Enter Your Initials!



This week, MHMG welcomes the lovely and talented Vane Ryan (Sean’s better half) to the show to join Sean and I in discussing the success story of their relationship. You can chart the progression of their entire meeting, dating, moving in, and getting married if you listen to past episodes of the show 🙂 Vane explains how she narrowly avoided kissing Sean on the first date, mixing well with all of Sean’s crazy friends (i.e. Us!) and making life-altering decisions based on the heart – which is often a scary concept.

I complain about hipster beards at the Barcade, Sean wants a trigger warning for Alien: Isolation – which I finally finished!

Marvel plans your movie schedule for the next five years, and it’s exciting!


For our success story, Sean and Vane discuss being brave, embracing other cultures, and just going for the things that you know in your heart are right, and will make you happy.

Tables are flipped over mystery poo pipes in RTP offices, blatant racism in banks, and folks who don’t take your fears seriously.