Mating Habits Classic: Episode 2 – Collateral Damage


While we’re on break, listen to one of my favorite episodes from 2013.

Ep.19 – Collateral Damage: Relationships Can’t Exist in a Vacuum

Your new relationship has a ripple effect that touches every aspect of your life, flowing out to your old relationships and potentially causing teh_dramaz.

Like before, I recorded a short opening piece about what’s going on, what to expect when the show returns next week, and some suggestions for other great podcasts to check out while you wait.

Be sure to check us out on October 6th when we release Episode 52!

Ep.51 – Enduring the Loneliness: “Ticket for one, please.”


On the heels of two busy convention weeks where Sean and I ran rampant all over Dragon*Con and tiltEXPO, we get together to discuss loneliness. Your happy host had a spell of loneliness over the convention weekend, and Sean helps me figure out ways to calm the panic and resolve the issues.

Since this was recorded, I’m happy to report that I have signed up for some events and I’m well on my way to taking my own advice 🙂

We get excited about new video games coming out next month, how we both still like this new Doctor, and we fill you in on all the fun stuff that happened at all the conventions we attended since the last episode.

Tables get flipped over #GamerGate and Apple Hate – see what I did there with the rhyming?


Ep.50 – Accepting Change: So You’ve Regenerated, Now What?


It’s our 50TH EPISODE!

And we welcome William back to the show to discuss, in epic detail, the Season/Series 8 premiere of Doctor Who.

You wanted relationship advice? Oh, well, okay, we’ve got a little bit of that too. We ask ourselves the question:

If you could travel back in time and tell yourself something about the future of a relationship, what would you say (perhaps iteratively)? (Thanks, Colin!)

And we discuss what happens to relationships when people change over time. Yes, it’s still you, but you’re different somehow.

Tables get flipped over similar topics: Not all butts are drawn equally, and yes, Marvel, you’re better than DC…but that’s not saying much.

Special thanks to Steven and Smokey from History of Misunderstanding Podcast for the wonderful wishes all the way from across The Pond 🙂

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Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend! Now, get ready to come see us at tiltEXPO!