Ep.41 – The Grand Forum: Ask Us Anything!


In this Super-Sized Episode, Sean returns to help me answer all the questions you sent in, fully, honestly, and to the best of our ability (except for one that was just too much work).

I watched over 72 hours of CNN coverage and shitty Netflix for no reason, #herbsaroundtheedges lives to see another day, despite a veggie-disaster, and Sean got an extra job and a wife. No big deal.

Tables are flipped in unison over the steaming pile of dog shit that was the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale. What a damn disaster.

Last Call, You Villanous Scum!


Okay, you’re not all villanous scum…sorry about that.

Last call for all those burning questions you’ve been wanting to ask me and Sean about geeky dating, relationships, recipes, and secret passwords to get you into all the cool room parties at conventions.

We’ve got a good number of questions so far, but I wanted to give everyone until Tuesday, April 8th to get them to us.

Leave them in the comments, or email them to moderngeekcast@gmail.com