Ep. 29 – Face Your Fears: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Ep. 29 – Face Your Fears: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone


This week, William and I discuss the benefits of taking a step or two outside your comfort zone. Since nothing new happens when you don’t do anything new, turn your life into an adventure! Find other things you might be good at, and have opportunities to meet new people and/or have more things to talk about in conversations with strangers (see: Lesson 2!)

We discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., learn that the young women of America look up to William, and I was completely wrong about the government shut down – whatever.

Tables don’t stay “Flipless in Austin” when we take a look at every thing you should NEVER do when trying to find your soul mate. Bastards be crazy. You can check out all that magic below:


Homework for Lesson 3! Do something that you would normally avoid because it makes you feel vulnerable or alone, like go to a movie by yourself, eat at a restaurant alone, go to that MTG tournament, or that board game night at your local game store – not to look for mates, but to just get out there and do something!