Gratuitous Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Photo



So, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to premier in about an hour, so I wanted to squee, and post this photo as a THANK YOU to MY NEW SUBSCRIBERS!

People have been downloading the heck out of my podcast episode archives, so welcome new folks!  Nothing is more entertaining than looking at which episodes people have the most interest in…y’all are some dirty people!

So, enjoy Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., stay classy, and thanks for stopping by.

Episode 28 – Meeting New People: Break the Rules and Talk to Strangers


Episode 28 – Meeting New People: Break the Rules and Talk to Strangers

We’re breaking all the rules in this episode of Mating Habits! Alpha Counter’s Sean Ryan and I discuss the tricks to having a good conversation with complete strangers in Lesson 2 of MHMG Learning Annex – Becoming comfortable conversing with others. We go back and forth about why talking to folks we don’t know is difficult and sometimes makes us look like creeps, and how Sean might have missed his calling as Sean Ryan: Marketing Rapist.

We recap Sean’s almost hot-n-heavy DragonCon experience with “The Lady in The Loft,” I go into WAY too much detail about my recent sex life, and then we flip tables over dickwolves, Nazis, and Heroes of Cosplay – typical MHMG tableflip 😉

Here are some helpful links to check out while you’re listening:

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Ep. 27 – Getting to Know Yourself: Not in the Biblical Sense


Ep. 27 – Getting to Know Yourself: Not in the Biblical Sense

Cycle 6 begins with our first installment of the five-part series: MHMG Learning Annex! School’s in session, and in this first lesson, we discuss ways to build your self confidence by taking the time to figure out the positive aspects of who you are. It’s your uniqueness that makes you a valuable human being, and recognizing those unique qualities in a positive way is the only way to build confidence and make yourself more attractive to others.
“Paris” and “The Business, LLC” join me to recap parts of Dragon*Con 2013 and make an important relationship announcement. The Business shares the “Knuckle Scale of Attractiveness” and talks about “Building your Confidence Armor;” Paris gets real and admits her Reddit addiction; and I am awesome, as per usual.

We exhaust ourselves flipping tables over nerd-herd movement, lack of signage, giant backpacks and general dickery in cons, lack of curiosity about life, and shitty, shitty friends. Get into it!