Guest Spot on Underqualified!

While we wait for the epic Animazement Panel Video, here’s a guest-host spot I did on the Underqualified Podcast to tide you over:


Jec and Holden were cool guys for letting me come on and talk about everything ranging from pick-up lines to poop! Check out their info here:

Ep.21 – Stardate -301698.2: The Rules According to Trek

Benedict poster star trek

William and I rush to the studio after watching Star Trek: Into Darkness to podcast our nacelles off about Trekkie dating sites, using the Trek Movie Titles as a cheat sheet to dating, and review the shit out of Star Trek: Into Darkness – SPOILER ALERT! There’s so much coat porn in this movie – so many great fashions!

We have a quick, imaginary shipper wars between Benedict Cumberbatch and Kelley Hightower Cumberbatch, and then William and I flip the same table over those people who get wild in movie theaters and talk and yell through the whole movie. There is a special hell…

The Rule According to Trek

The Motion Picture: Get motivated, be proactive, and get out there!

Wrath of “Con”: Cons are a great way to meet like-minded folks, just remember to be respectful.

The Search for Spock: Look for your own species in places where you would go; game stores, meet-ups, bookstores, conventions, online dating sites.

The Journey Home: Kicking rocks and awkward transitions; how to get them back to your place for sexy make-out times.

The Undiscovered Country: Sex; it’s the most complicated thing you’ll ever love doing.

The Final Frontier: Commitment; it’s tough, but what you’re ultimately looking for.

Generations: Age differences can be an issue, especially of she doesn’t remember Thundercats.

First Contact: Making the effort to get along with your SO’s friends and family.

Insurrection: Resolving Conflict; the right way to argue and not break up.

Nemesis: You broke up, how to still be friends, or at least civil to one another.

Star Trek – Lens Flare Reboot!: When all else fails, re-invent yourself. You’re still you, only shinier!

Links from the show:

Ep. 20 – Girls, Girls, Girls: The Geek-Girl Experience

20-Wizard 34 Cover

This is The Episode to beat all episodes!

We’ve got a historic All-Female host panel consisting of podcast favorites, Paris and Trish, and introducing Laurel in her MHMG debut!

Find out what what happens when four intelligent, charismatic, attractive, and incredibly geeky women are given an open forum to talk about what it’s like being a female in today’s Geek-i-verse. If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s the deal with chicks?” we’re going to let you have it.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! I sit down with Chiki of the D20 Girls and discuss what it’s like first-hand as a professional cosplayer and an ambassador for one of the hottest and female-forward geek groups in the nation.

Secrets are shared, the nitty-gritty gotten down to, and tables are flipped – you aren’t going to want to miss this one.

Show Notes of DOOM:

D20 Girls:
Felicia Day Controversy:
Aisha Tyler Controversy:
The “Danger” of Print Media:
Mountain Dew Ad: