Episode 13 – VD and You: A Geek’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

dead-cupidJoin Q and me as we take a bitter and resentful look at Valentine’s Day and the commercialized nightmare it’s become. Wade through the jaded rhetoric to find ideas and suggestions for things to do if you’re in a relationship, and solutions for ways to deal with the holiday when you’re single. We discuss “Single Awareness Day,” and suggest that the whole holiday be renamed “Steak and a Blowjob Day.” Brought to you early for the express purpose of warning you that the See’s Candies Kiosk at the mall is only temporary – so you gotta get there in time!




d/t=Speed Dating – What a Success!

We're ready to get you signed up!

We’re ready to get you signed up!

This past weekend, Mating Habits of the Modern Geek held our first d/t= Speed Dating! event at Atomic Empire in Durham. With the exception of a few minor logistical issues (I rush everything!) it was an overall success.  It was great to meet so many new people, and even meet a couple of podcast fans!

We had 13 people come out and give it a shot…and some of those were even women! I know, I know; I need to market to the female audience more aggressively. It’s on the board for next time.

Next time!? Did you hear we’re doing it again?

Indeed – Saturday, February 2nd, 7pm back at Atomic Empire.

Same registration rules as before. To pre-reg, just visit this link and fill in the form:


So, if you missed the first one, come out and give it a try.  If you had a blast last weekend, come back out and meet a whole new group of people.  Be Brave!

Episode 12 – Geeks Dating Non-Geeks: Interspecies Relations

Cycle 3 is here!

And we’re back with William to dicuss the phenomenon of Geeks and Non-Geeks, living together, mass hysteria.

Ghostbusters? Anyone? Ahem…

Prompted by a podcast listener who wanted to know how to break into the geek scene, we discuss how to approach a geek, how to respond to a geek’s approach, and why Muggles be trippin’.

As geekdom becomes more mainstream, non-geeks are starting to notice how much fun we’re having, and want to see what all the fuss is about. We encourage you to “Be an Ambassador to Your Fandom”, stop showing off, and be open to learning new things.

Oh, and non-geeks, we are trying. You have to give us a chance — nay, six chances to get a conversation right 🙂



Happy New Year! (or, GFYS 2012!)

2013 HNY

Happy New Year, Everyone! Gott Nytt År, Sweden!

May 2013 find you ready to take on the world and be the best YOU you can be.

Have any 2013 resolutions? Do you want to get out and meet new people, try new things, improve yourself in some way?

Well, good luck, and remember that we here at Mating Habits love you just the way you are.

PS – Cycle 3 starts Monday, January 7th…I’m So Excited!!