The Holiday Episode!

Here’s a short little promo podcast with a bonus Holiday Sleepy Extravaganza Mini-Episode tacked on to the end.  Listen to what we have coming up in 2013 and what’s in store for Cycle 3.  After you’ve been properly promoted to, sit back and try to contain your excitment while you listen to Tim, his wife Danielle, Mark, JJ, and myself sluggishly navigate the topic of Surviving The Holidays with your Significant Other.  Curse you tryptophan and booze!  Enjoy, and see you next year 😉

Updates and Sneek Peeks for 2013!

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t heard the good news from other sources, our site has moved to:

Yes, we have our own personal hosting service and domain name – I expect things to get more interesting (read: Complicated) in the near future.

But that’s not all we’ve done – oh, no. We’re all set for our first of what I hope will be many monthly events:

d/t = Speed Dating!

Get it…distance over time equals speed…dating?

Anyway, this event will take place Saturday, January 5th at 7 pm at Atomic Empire in Durham, NC. There is a link to the registration form on the new site here:

It’s only $5, and Atomic Empire has sodas, snacks, and 6 taps of DRAFT BEER from local breweries. Oh, yeah, and things like comics, action figures, and MTG cards…whatevs.

But Wait! There’s more! Cycle 3 of The Podcast will return in full force begining January 3rd and will update biweekly as before. In the first cycle of 2013, we’ll be discussing things like What to wear on the first date, A Geeks Guide to Valentines Day, Geeks dating Non-geeks, and THE INFAMOUS SEX EPISODE, in addition to some others here and there.

Stay tuned, and also be on the lookout for a special Holiday Edition of Mating Habits due out in the next couple of days. It’s a promo special, but it’s free.

Happy Holidays, and remember to Be Brave!