Episode 10 – Online Dating: A Flowchart to Your Heart

In this episode, William returns with Sean Ryan of Alpha Counter and we assist William with the creation of his first OkCupid profile. We discuss the steps in creating the perfect profile, how to weed out what you don’t want, and why _taco is not a great profile user name. We give photo tips, talk shit about Fayetteville, and I share some of my old OkCupid messages that convinced me to go out on dates. So, stop lying about your height already and join in on the last episode of 2012!


PS – someone’s new screen name may be SharedNostalgia if one wanted to sign onto OkCupid and find out everything about a certain co-host…

Episode 9 – An Inconvenient Truth: “Nice Guys” Do Finish Last

In this episode, William and I go on a rant worthy of 4Chan about that old trope: “The Nice Guy.” We discuss the phenomenon of self-friend-zoning, the Trophy Concept, how women are not achievements to be won through patience alone, and how, amazingly, people like being liked. We discuss why nerd-raging about how girls are shallow might be a waste of time…time that could better be spent being brave and letting her know you actually like her with words.

We also chat about a recent creepy convention story, why bullwhips are good for traversing crevasses, and how even small costumes can’t make a picture of your dick appropriate for showing during an introductory conversation.


First the planet…next, THE SOLAR SYSTEM!

Watch out, Mars…

Some sort of graph about planetary voter turnout? Nah, just a visual example of all of the countries where Mating Habits of the Modern Geek Podcast has subscribers – the darker the blue, the more subscribers in that country. USA and Sweden, you’re kicking the UK’s butt, fwiw 😀