Episode 8 – In the Trenches: The Single’s Perspective

In this week’s episode, it’s the return of the mysterious “Q” and with him, we welcome newcomer, Trish to the podcast to discuss the trials and tribulations of being single in today’s dating market.  We cover everything from online dating, to blind dates, and Trish gives us her unique perspective as a female geek working in a comic and game store.  We discuss fan email, being friend-zoned, and how getting through the holidays can be tough.  Grab a Mountain Dew, some Twix, and be prepared for a Halloween Edition of MHMG*

*Spooky effects not included.


Episode 7: Breaking the Ice – The Bookstore Edition

Breaking the Ice – The Bookstore Edition

In this Episode, Shane and Mimi help me revisit the ever-important topic of “Breaking the Ice,” at bookstores. We discuss ways to strike up conversations, avoiding topics like politics, religion, and Twilight, and how being a dick is never attractive. Afterwards, we expand on our previous LARP discussion and discover that Chivalry is not dead, one should live life to the fullest, and that LARP can be a magical place to meet like-minded costumed-types.

Apologies in advance for the cold that has plagued my voice, and I await praise and congratulations for editing out almost all of the coughs.


Cycle 2 Premier!! Episode 6 – Convention Etiquette – the Cosplay Angle

Cycle 2 is finally here, and in this episode, I’m joined by co-hosts Paris, The Business, and Sean Ryan from Alpha Counter.com!

We attempt to discuss ways to use costuming at fan conventions as a method to approach and or attract potential mates, but how to not seem like a creepy stalker or a complete asshat.

I say attempt, because we also take a considerable amount of time discussing the greatness that is Sweden, religion-porn, STDs of the eye, “Vajazzleing,” Yip-Yips, opossums, and the classic Liam Neeson flick, TAKEN.

I promise at least 20% of this podcast is at least marginally on topic.