Level 2 – Map Your Hunting Grounds

Episode 2 is here…and it’s on time!


Level 2 – Map Your Hunting Grounds: Where to go to find that perfect geeky match.

Join me and my co-hosts, Paris and the Business, L.L.C., while we discuss where to find and meet ideal matches.  From book and game stores, to conventions and speed dating, we’ll give insight into all the great places for geeks to meet other geeks. *No Tauntauns were harmed in the making of this podcast.

Look out, Romania…

This morning, we hit 50 DOWNLOADS, and that doesn’t count anyone who actually streamed the episode from the link!

Our listeners are from all over the country…and one from Romania. We’re taking Romania by storm! Thanks for the support, everyone.

Get ready, because Episode 2 will be up on Monday, where we discuss where to find your perfect geek match. See you then!

Episode 1 is GO!

Who knows how long it will take iTunes to upload the file (I’ve heard when you mark an upload as “Explicit” – which I always do since F-bombs are serious business – it has to be super-reviewed), but the direct download link is here:


In the premier episode, my co-hosts, Mark and JJ, help walk us through the steps to determining what we’re looking for when it comes to the ideal mate.  Secrets are revealed, insults are hurled, lives are enriched.

Check it out, won’t you?